In the lifetime of every vessel it is nessessary to conduct repairs to the hull, deck and superstructure. This may be a result of damage from a collison above or below the waterline or it may be due to the effects of the marine environment over a number of years. We recomend seeking advice from experienced shipwrights with a detailed knowledge of how to assess and submit repairs for insurance purposes and project manage high quality structural repairs across a number of marine trades.

Bowline Marine shares premises with the shipwrights at Sydney Harbour Slipways who have successfully restored vessels ranging from luxury cruisers in the 60+ foot range to classic timber sailing yachts. It is fair to say that restoration and re-painting of vessels is a rewarding experience for all concerned and one which the team at Sydney Harbour Slipways is always happy to discuss.


Sydney Harbour Slipways Shipwrights
Sydney Harbour Slipways Shipwrights

Repair & Restoration Services


  • Timber boat repairs & resprays

  • Fibreglass boat repairs & resprays


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