It's no secret that the Australian climate is tough on boats. Gelcoat and painted surfaces exposed to the sun lose lustre and become oxidised and chalky as a result of UV light, salt and dirt from rain. Once effected, these surfaces become more susceptible to marking and staining, impacting the look of your vessel and its re-sale value.


To avoid deterioration it is vital that a regular schedule of cleaning be implemented. This comprises of washing your vessel with detergent and in most cases having a professional machine cut and polish all painted and gelcoat fibreglass surfaces at least once each year.

Bowline Marine recommends the experts at Sydney Harbour Slipways for all types of boat cleaning and detailing.

To effectively polish the topsides of a vessel (waterline to gunwale) it is necessary for the boat to first be lifted out of the water. For this reason we recommend painted and gelcoated fibreglass boats receive a polish & wax along with their annual slip & anti-foul. Sydney Harbour Slipways perform all cleaning cleaning work from their marina in Careening Cove, Kirribilli. A list of these services is below.

Sydney Harbour Slipays Boat Detailing
Sydney Harbour Slipways Boat Polish and wash
Sydney Harbour Slipways Polish & Detailing Services


  • Washdown

  • Boat washdown

  • Gelcoat rejuvination

  • double cut & polish

  • Wax & polymer coatings

  • Stainless steel polish

  • Covers and clears cleaned & repaired


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