When it comes to maintaining the underside of your vessel, having Bowline dive clean your hull is not only of visible benefit but is the fastest and most economical way to improve your boat's performance, fuel consumption and ability to manoeuvre.

For racing yachts and sail boats, we recommend monthly hull cleans to remain competitive and give your crew a fighting chance of victory! For fast motor cruisers and power boats our divers recommend a cleaning schedule of every four to eight weeks to maintain top end performance and ensure engine cooling intakes do not become blocked with marine growth.

After every clean, Bowline Marine divers provide photos showing the hull & running gear of your vessel before and after the work is complete. We also provide photos of anodes and a written score of their condition and the condition of your antifoul. All this information is emailed to you less than 24 hours after your boat is cleaned.


When it is time to slip & antifoul your vessel, we recommend boat owners speak to a professional slipway with qualified shipwrights and marine mechanics. In 2012 Bowline Marine, along with other marine professionals, established Sydney Harbour Slipways to satisfy the need for tradesman quality out-of-water boat maintenance to compliment Bowline's regular in-water service.

Sydney Harbour Slipways recommend most boats be slipped and re-antifouled on an annual basis. The frequency may be shorter for stern drive cruiser vessels and less frequent for slow moving displacement cruisers and some cruising yachts.
No matter the condition of your hull, Bowline Marine has a solution to keep it looking and performing as it should.

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Underwater Boat Services

  • Dive hull cleans

  • Propeller polishing

  • Anode replacement

  • Clearing intakes & fittings

  • Underwater inspection & photos


For bookings & information call
0414 484 309

Sydney Harbour Slipways antifoul

Slip & Anti-foul Services

  • Three traditional slipways 15-65 feet

  • Waterblasting, acid wash & washdown

  • Anti-fouling

  • Propspeed & specialty underwater coatings

  • Survey & insurance inspections


For bookings & information call
(02) 9954 3080